Privacy Policy

Smart Money Funding, Inc. puts a high value on your privacy. This Privacy Policy details our policy practices in the collection, retention, usage, and disclosure of personally-identifying information when you use our Service. This includes other information and processes related to those data.

Any procedures of processing information that we perform on the personal data that we collected and received are aligned and consistent with accordance to the data protection legislation and regulation of which includes the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Smart Money Funding, Inc. takes and owns the responsibilities associated with the control of all personal data that we received as we comply in serving the purposes of the legislation and laws aforementioned. The utility of our Service will serve as the representation of the user’s or visitor’s agreement towards the collection and usage of data of which includes any personal information in accordance with the purposes of this policy.

All Service users and clients of Smart Money Funding, Inc. are subjected for adherence to all terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy. All rights of adding, removing, and any other modifications of details conveyed in this Privacy Policy are reserved for Smart Money Funding, Inc. Any changes made in this policy are considered to be in effectivity once posted.

Effective Date: May 25, 2018

I. Information Collection and Use

Smart Money Funding, Inc. may collect personal information through emails, online forms, such as our Contact Us form and Review form, and other social media platforms.

We may collect data of different types and nature for various purposes in order to improve our Service in providing a better experience for our users and clients. This may also serve the purpose of enhancing our marketing strategies and efforts to expand our scope in providing our Service.

We will not, in any way, disclose your personal information to a third party or without your prior notice, unless you authorize Smart Money Funding Inc. to do so in the event that information sharing is required or necessary.

Types of Data Collected

a. Personal Data

While navigating or utilizing our Service, you may be prompted to provide information, of which includes personal data, for the purpose of identifying and contacting you. The personally-identifiable information we collect are, but not limited to, the following:

  • i.     Email address

  • ii.    First name and Last name

  • iii.   Phone number

  • iv.   Address, State, Province, ZIP/Postal code, City

b. Usage Data

In addition to personal information, we may also collect data that describe when and how our Service was accessed with the use of cookies. This type of information is called “usage data” which identifies you as a “user” based on the manner or behavior by which you navigated and utilized our Service. We may collect usage data that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • •   User’s device information

  • •   User’s browser information (browser name, browser version)

  • •   User’s browsing history

  • •   User computer’s internet protocol (IP) address

  • •   User’s date and time of visit

  • •   User’s time spent on each visited page

  • •   Unique device identifiers

II. Cookies Policy

Smart Money Funding Inc. website utilizes cookies in order to enhance the user experience and our Service itself. Cookies are blocks of data that our website sends out to the user’s device, such as a computer or smartphone, when navigating our Service. The information is stored in the device and sent back to our website without alterations.

Cookies are important in tracking any data that is related to the individual user, including information associated with the user’s visits and activities on our Service. Any data contained in the cookies may serve as anonymous unique identifiers. Cookies may contain data that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • •   User’s preferred settings

  • •   User’s most recent visit

  • •   Information provided by the user on our online forms

Any user can choose whether to accept or to refuse cookies sent by our website. However, declining cookies would limit you from using some portions and features of our Service.

We use these three types of cookies:

  • •   Session Cookies. Also called “transient cookies”, session cookies are important in running the sessions of each user or visitor of our Service. Any data they store are only temporary. Once the user’s browser is closed, all information collected by these cookies are erased.

  • •   Preference Cookies. These types of cookies store data that describes the custom preferences of the individual user to various settings on our website. These data are not deleted in order to remember the individual user and automatically retain the setting that is preferred by that particular user upon the next visit.

  • •   Security Cookies. These cookies are purposed for the security of the user’s data and any information associated with our Service.

  • Aside from cookies, we also utilize tracking innovations to monitor activities on our website. These tracking technologies may also hold certain information for the enhancement of our Service. We may use beacons, scripts, and tags in order to track information that may help us analyze and improve our Service.

III. How We Collect Your Personal Data

There are several ways by which we collect personal information. You may be prompted to provide data while navigating our Service. Usage data is usually collected once you visit and utilize our website.

Our data collection may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • •   Accepting cookies

  • •   Providing information on our online forms

    o Contacting us

    o Submitting reviews

IV. Use of Data

Any information collected by Smart Money Funding, Inc. is used for enhancing the user’s experience while navigating our Service and also for assisting us in improving our marketing strategies by analyzing these data.

Smart Money Funding, Inc. may use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • •   For providing a better customer service

  • •   For improving customer care and support

  • •   For dissemination of any updates associated with our Service

  • •   For detection and immediate prevention or resolution of any technical issues

V. Transfer of Data

By utilizing our Service, we consider this as your agreement for any data or information to be retained and/or transferred on databases and devices located outside your country and/or governmental jurisdiction. Note that data protection laws may vary among jurisdictions.

Any information located outside the United States will be transmitted and processed in the United States. Submission of any online forms in our Service provided with personal information will be considered as your consent towards the transfer of your data in the event that such action is necessary.

Smart Money Funding, Inc. takes the obligation to keep your personal data and information secured in the event of the transfer based on this Privacy Policy. Unless required for ensuring the security of your personal data and with your consent, we will not transfer or share your information with any third-party organization.

VI. Disclosure of Data

a. Legal Requirements

i. Smart Money Funding, Inc. will only disclose your information in the event that such action is necessary:

  • •   For adherence to legal responsibilities

  • • For protection and defense to the rights and/or properties of Smart Money Funding, Inc.

  • •   For prevention of anomalous issues associated with our Service

  • •   For the safety of every user of our Service or the public

  • •   For protection against legal liabilities

VII. Security of Data

Smart Money Funding, Inc. gives our best to take legal steps in order to protect any information that we collect, including personal and usage data. However, you have to be aware that any transactions and data transmission performed across the Internet cannot be guaranteed as completely secured.

VIII. Service Providers

Smart Money Funding, Inc. may utilize services provided by third-party companies in order to assist us in improving our Service for our users. We may also employ individual service providers for the facility of our Service which may include tasks such as providing service on our behalf or assisting us in the analysis of usage data.

All third-parties in connection to our Service may have access to your personal information; however, they are strictly responsible not to share or disclose your information or utilize your data for any other purpose apart from the tasks they perform on our behalf.

a. Analytics

i.  We utilize the service of Google Analytics in order to track website traffic. This information can assist us in the analysis of user behaviors by which we can align the actions we should take in improving our Service. Google offers Google Analytics as a freemium web analytics to serve this very purpose. You can read their privacy policy here.

ii.   Google Analytics collects information such as:

  • •   User’s application programs, device, and browser

  • •   User’s activity on our Service

  • •   User computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) Address

IX. Links to Other Sites

Our Service may contain links that can lead you to third-party or external websites that are not governed by our Privacy Policy and are already outside of our control. You should note that it is no longer our obligation to ensure the protection and privacy of any information that you provide to these third-party websites. We strongly advise you to exercise caution and thoroughly examine the Privacy Policy of each and every website that you visit.

X. How to Contact Smart Money Funding, Inc.

For any concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us thru (347) 202 4221 or send us an email at You can also drop your message to us by filling up our contact form at and we’ll correspond to you as soon as possible.